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POURNAMI EDUCATIONAL & ARTISTIC EXPO 2016 | Nagercoil | 29.01.2016 to 07.02.2016 BOOK EXHIBITION with over one lakh titles, with 10% Discount. Watch 7 Wonders of the World, sculptured with Vegetable. Beautiful Bonsai Garden. Home needs Exhibition. Entertainment Functions. Tasty Foods. Venue: Scott Christian College, Nagercoil. Date: 29.01.2016 to 07.02.2016 Time: 4.00 PM to 10.00 PM 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM Entry Fee: Adults - Rs. Children...
flower show 2016
Flower Show 2016 Flower Show & Sales, Nagercoil | 08.01.2016 to 27.01.2016 Venue: Kanya Blood Bank, Opp. Sub jail, Nagercoil. Date: 08.01.2016 to 27.01.2016
St. Antony's Church Feast Festival 2016 The St. Antony's Church was built in 1911. But it has a history and miracles of over 250 years. Rev. Fr. Richard was the first Parish Priest. The more history of St. Antony's Church could be read here. St. Antony's Church Feast is celebrated for 10 days, every year. This year, the feast will commence on...
History of Kumari Amman Temple | Devi Kumari Temple | Kanyakumari Bhagavathy Temple Situated on the seashore of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, overlooking the sea, this Kumari Amman Temple is dedicated to the virgin Goddess Devi Kanyakumari. Kumari Amman Temple is said to be over 3000 years old. The Devi stands as a charming young girl in her penance, with a rosary in...
Events in Travancore History A.D. The first five centuries of the Christian era was the period of the first Chera Empire. This period is also known as the Sangam Age. Chera Empire   A.D. 50 – 100 King Perinchottuthiyan Cheralathan A.D. 52 – 110 King Imayavarampan Neducheralathan A.D. 52 St. Thomas the apostle of Christ arrives at Kodungalloor (Cranganore) A.D. 77 Pliny’s Natural History (mention about Kottar) A.D. 81 – 100 The...
CSI Home Church, Nagercoil | The Oldest Church in Asia Home Church, Nagercoil is one of the oldest Churches in Asia and also the biggest and oldest of the Protestant Churches in South India. It was built during the British reign. This Church comes under Church of South India (CSI). Rev. Charles Mead Rev. Charles Mead, known as the “Father of the...
mango and its medicinal uses
Mango is a fruit and there are many varieties. Mangoes are green, yellow and red in colour. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C than ripe mangoes. Mangoes are eaten both as raw and ripe. Raw mangoes are rich in pectin, oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid and succinic acid. 100 grams Mango contains (The values are approximate only and not exact) Moisture 81.0% Protein 0.6% Fat 0.4% Minerals 0.4% Fibre 0.7% Carbohydrates 16.9% Calcium 14mg Phosphorous 16mg Iron 1.3mg Vitamin...
honey medicinal uses
Honey Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits, Natural Home Remedies to avoid many health problems. Honey is sweet fluid food produced by bees from nectar of flowers. It is about 36% denser than water. Honey is made up of sugar, water and other components. It kills bacteria by Plasmolysis due to its high sugar concentration. Honey contains many vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, enzymes etc. Also...
CORONARY HEART DISEASE (CHD) (Syn.: ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE) “Impairment of heart function due to inadequate blood flow to the heart compared to its needs, caused by obstructive changes in the coronary circulation of the heart” is the definition of Coronary heart disease. . Symptoms $ Pain in the centre of the chest with sweating in full body. $ Pain in the neck or pain...
Sleep can be even told as a very good medicine for human being. Insomnia tortures millions of men and women around the world. Insomnia causes diseases which may even lead to death of the person. Sleep gives us back the energy we have spent on that day full of working. The correct way of sleeping for men is to lie down...





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