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Water Remedies
Water Remedies, Cures Most Diseases. No Tablets, No Capsules, No medicines, No injection, No Operation……… Just six cups of drinking water (1.26 litres) cures the following diseases. Are you amazed???? First let us see the list of diseases cured and then we will know the details. Diseases that are cured by Water: 1. Head Ache 13. Consumption 2. Blood Pressure 14. Brain Fever 3. Anaemia 15. Liver diseases 4....
Banana is a fruit that is borne in the large plant called plantain. The native place of banana is said to be India. It is available in all seasons and there are many varieties of banana. Almost every part of the plant is used for cooking. Dishes are made with unripe banana, banana inflorescence, core inside the stem. Persons suffering from...
Chronic constipation in its fully developed form is apt to affect the general organism. This is not always the case, however, for there are many patients who suffer from constipation for years without making any complaint of their trouble. But as the disease progresses we frequently find some repercussion on the organism. Among the first of the reactions are...
teeth diseases smile
Teeth are the hardest organ in the body. The main function of the teeth is to masticate food and also to speak words correctly. Teeth also have life in it as the other organs in the body. It grows to a limit and then stops. The inside of a tooth has blood vessels and nerves. The lower part of the...
Ulcer is a wound which happens in one of the internal surfaces of digestive tract. It can occur anywhere from the mouth to the rectum of the digestive tract. These internal surfaces are called the “Mucosa” which is a thin membrane coated with a sticky liquid called the “Mucus”. The digestive tract starts at the mouth, and continues through...
15 Diabetes Facts & Tips 1. Diabetes is known as the world’s richest disease. 2. Dryness of tongue, hunger, body weakness, urinating often, problems in eye sight, decrease or increase in body weight, anger, tension, wounds not curing, numbness of hands and legs are some of the common symptoms of diabetes. 3. The food we intake digests in stomach and...
Towns in Kanyakumari District
Facts for Name of Towns in Kanyakumari District Kanyakumari The place where Devi Kanyakumari stands in Penance Position (தவக்கோலத்தில்) towards God. Nagercoil The place where Nagaraja Temple is located which links the four Religions – Saivam, Vaishnava, Jainism & Buddhism. Agastheeswaram The place where Sage Agasthiar did penance to Lord Siva and saw the Marriage of Siva under the Agasthiya Tree (Fig Tree). Theroor The place where...
Nanjil Exhibition at Nagercoil
Nanjil Exhibition at Nagercoil Enjoy Christmas, New Year & Pongal Holidays at Nanjil Exhibition at Nagercoil. This Exhibition is Completely innovating and Magnificently created for the 8th time in Nagercoil ... Entertainment In Nanjil Exhibition, 13 wonders in India are Realistically designed. They are Indian Parliament, India Gate, Howrah Bridge, Kailas Fort, Jaipur Palace, Lotus Temple, Charminar, Mahabalipuram Temple, Indian Naval Ship, Mangalyan...
Free Yoga Treatment for Diabetics, with free diagnosis, Asanam, Food Habit consultancy and Herbal medicines. Yogasanas like Salabhasana, Vakrasanam, Bhadrasana etc. are trained. Period : December 10, 2015 to January 9, 2016. Time : 7.25 AM to 8.25 AM. Venue : Am Yoga Trust, 461/2012, Swiss Bakery Building, Parvathipuram Junction, Nagercoil - 629003. www.amyogatrust.org
The first battle that was fought against the power of the European Domination in Asia was the Battle of Colachel. The battle was fought on 10th August 1741 (The date of the battle is July 31, 1741, by the Julian calendar and August 10, 1741, according to the Gregorian calendar which is in use today. The granite pillar at...





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