Christ The King Church Festival 2019 | Vetturnimadam Church | Festival from 15.11.2019 to 24.11.2019

Christ The King Church Festival 2019

Christ the King Church Festival 2019

The 10 day Festival at Christ The King Church ( Christu Raja Koil ) in Vetturnimadam will begin on 15.11.2019 with hosting of flag at evening 6.45pm by The Bishop of Kottar Fr. Nazarene Soosai. The Festival will conclude on 24.11.2019.

During the festival time, at morning, there is Prayer Mass and at evening there is Holy Mass.

On 23rd, there is Special Evening Service at 5.45 PM followed by the Car Procession.

On 24th, the final day of the festival, in evening, Thanks offering Holy Mass, followed by Flag lowering and cultural programs.

The Church is very beautifully decorated and illuminated with serial bulbs. Every day there will be cultural programs at night 9.00PM.


St. Xavier Church Kottar Festival 2019 starts on 24.11.2019.