Constipation – Give Attention for a Healthy Life


* When do we say its constipation?
$ Most of the people go to stool only once a day. And that too in the morning. Some people go to stool only once every two days. When stools are not going regularly, more pressure is given to excrete, and being very hard, we tell this condition as constipation. Also feeling to go to stool often,
and going again to stool immediately after one stool is also constipation.
* What are the reasons for constipation?
$ Not drinking at least 2 to 3 litres of water every day.
$ Not eating fibrous foods and fruits.
$ Eating oily fried foods.
$ Lack of exercise.
$ Cancer in rectum.
$ Tumour in rectum.
$ When given so much pressure to excrete due to constipation, it causes Piles.
* What are the symptoms of piles?
$ Blood is stools, but mostly it won’t have pain.
$ Uncomfortable in stools.
* Is it true that person who work sitting in a same place for much time gets piles?
$ No it’s not true. Also it’s not true that excess body heat causes piles.
* What are the main reasons of piles?
$ Not drinking water in sufficient quantity.
$ Mental tension and Stress. $ Variance in life style.
$ Variance in food style.
* Natural Cures:
$ Take one cup of hot water and squeeze the juice of half lemon in it. Add a pinch of common salt and one teaspoon of honey in it. Drink this to get relief from constipation.