15 Diabetes Facts & Tips

15 Diabetes Facts & Tips
Diabetes Facts

1. Diabetes is known as the world’s richest disease.
2. Dryness of tongue, hunger, body weakness, urinating often, problems in eye sight, decrease or increase in body weight, anger, tension, wounds not curing, numbness of hands and legs are some of the common symptoms of diabetes.
3. The food we intake digests in stomach and changes to glucose which with the help of insulin secreted by the liver changes to energy and it reaches to all the cells in the body through blood. If the glucose level in the body increases or the secretion of insulin decreases, diabetes occurs.
4. Diabetes is also a hereditary disease. Hence if your family has a history of diabetes, please consult your doctor.
5. Diabetes may also occur due to lack of exercise.
6. The food we take daily like, Rice, Idly, Dosa are rich in carbohydrates, which increases the blood sugar level.
7. Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates and instead take fibrous foods like wheat, Soya beans, Ragi, maize, peas. These foods induce insulin secretion and also control the blood sugar level.
8. Vegetables that are rich in fiber are lady’s finger, cabbage, snake gourd, onion, radish, bottle gourd.
9. All greens are very good for diabetes. It is better to eat them cooked.
10. It is better to avoid fruits rich in calorie like Banana, mangoes, pineapple, sappotta, grapes and jack fruit.
11. Avoid tuberous vegetables like potato, tapioca, Indian kales.
12. Avoid taking too much of salt.
13. Exercise daily. Those who are heart patient, please exercise according to your doctor’s advice.
14. Breath exercises, meditation are good for diabetes.
15. If diabetes is not treated in time, it may also result in blindness, heart attack and other diseases.