Eraniel Palace | A Perishing Heritage Monument

Eraniel Palace

Eraniel is a small town in Kanyakumari District. But it was once the Capital of Venad. Eraniel is the transformed name of Hiranyasimhanalloor. There is no evidence about when this Palace at
Eraniel was constructed. Yet it is believed that the construction might have been took place around 500 years back, during the reign of Maharaja Vanchi Marthanda Varma of the Venad Dynasty. The last King to rule from this Palace was Cheramaan Perumal.

In 1601, during the reign of King Ravi Varma Kulashekhara, the Padmanabhapuram Palace construction was completed. At that time, the Capital was shifted from Eraniel to Padmanabhapuram and Eraniel was kept as second capital.
During 1799, Velu Thambi Dalawa started a riot from this Eraniel Palace against the King Raja Balarama Varma and his Minister Jayanthan Shankaran Nampoothiri.
Eraniel Palace is located on a area of around 3.5 acres. The Palace is constructed in three parts, namely as Padipura, Main Palace and Vasantha Mandapam. Also it is said that there is a tunnel from this Palace which connects the Padmanabhapuram Palace.
The Palace reflects a magnificent building technology adorned with carvings and murals. There is a Single Stone Cot called as “Ottakkal Kattil” in the Vasantha Maalika. It is remarkable for its rich carvings.

Today’s Condition:
Stone CotToday only the skeleton of the Palace remains. The roof tiles, rosewood doors, teak beams have all been stolen. The walls are all damaged due to leaking of rain water through the open roof. It is said that there were many wooden sculptures and about 45 types of wooden sculptures were plundered and shipped abroad. The termites and insects are eating the remaining woods and doors in the Palace. The entire Palace is surrounded by thorny plants which crumble the Palace. Many rare Paintings were also stolen.
It would be really being very happy for the heritage lovers, if this Palace is renovated before it perishes.