Eye Exercises Just For Your EYES

eye exercises

The human eye is sense organ which reacts to light and give us sight. The human eye can distinguish about 10 million colours. The weight of an eye is around 7.5 grams and attains full size by the age of 13 years.
Our eyeball consists of three layers namely the outer layer which is called the cornea and sclera, the middle layer consists of choroids, ciliary body and iris and finally the inner layer is called the retina.

Common Defects:

The most common defects of eyesight are Myopia (Short sightedness), Hypermetropia (Long sightedness) and Presbyopia (due to aging). In myopia, the image is formed short of the retina, and in hypermetropia and Presbyopia, the image is formed beyond the retina.
Usually these disorders are treated by using artificial lenses or spectacles. But this is only treating the symptom and not the disorder itself. So eye exercises are good to take care for your eyes.

Some Exercises for your Eyes:

These simple eye exercises given below can keep your eyes free from vision problems and spectacles.

1. Eye Relaxation:
Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Make both the palms in a cup like manner and cover both the eyes. Be sure that the palms do not touch your eyes. Imagine that your eyes are in darkness, getting darker and darker. Do this for five minutes at a time and at least three times a day. This eye exercises will relax your eyes from strain.

2. Sunshine:
Close your eyes. Face the morning sun. Move your head slowly from the left to right and vice versa. Do this exercise for 10 minutes and three times a day. This eye exercises will relax the optical muscles and nerves since the sun’s rays causes rushing of blood into the eyes.

3. Vertical Movement:
Sit erect and comfortably. Gently move your eyes up and down 10 times in a very slow and uniform manner without moving your head or neck. At that time, let your eyes see as far up and as far down as possible but without causing any strain. Do this exercise five to six times. After doing this eye exercises you can do the eye relaxation exercise also.

4. Sideways Movement:
This eye exercises is same as the above but you have to move your eyes 10 times from left side to right side and from right side to left side. Do this for five to six times.

5. Eye Rotation:
Move your eyes slowly and without strain in a circle, clockwise and anticlockwise direction for five times. Take a little rest and repeat this for five to six times.

6. Far and Near Gaze:
Sit in a comfortable position. Look at a distant object and then look at the tip of your nose. Close your eyes and then repeat again for five times.