Grapes and its Medicinal Properties

Grapes are a type of fruit that grows on a vine in cluster of 10 to 300. They are a form of berry and are black, green and violet in colours. There are different varieties which differ in shape, size and colour. Also some varieties are seedless.


100 gram Grapes Contains:(The values are approximate only and not exact)
Energy :                69 Kcal
Moisture :             92.0%
Sugar :                   15.48grm
Carbohydrates :  18.1grm (7.0%)
Protein :                0.72grm (0.7%)
Fat :                        0.1%
Calcium :              20mg
Phosphorous :     20mg
Fiber :                   0.9grm
Iron :                    0.2mg
Vitamin C :          31mg
Vitamin B1 :        0.07mg (6%)
Vitamin A :         Trace
Potassium :         191 mg (4%)
Phosphorous :    20mg (3%)

Grapes are mostly eaten raw and also they are used for making Wine, jelly, jam, raisins.
It is useful in eliminating thirst, curing fever, asthma, leprosy, tuberculosis, irregular menstruation, vomiting, obesity etc. Grapes help in digestion, eliminate gas troubles and also decrease acidity.

Some Medicinal Benefits:
* Grape juice gives relief during teething in infants.
* Grapes tones up the heart, stomach, intestines and the liver.
* Grapes are a good remedy for bladder stones and chronic nephritis.
* Grape juice helps in the formation of blood.

Medicinal Cures:
Grapes if eaten daily, relieves constipation. It cleans the bowels and tones up the stomach and intestines. For children, Grape juice can be given.

Liver Disorder:
Grapes contain malic, citric and tartaric acid which purifies the blood and hence highly useful in the treatment of all liver disorders. It also stimulates the activities of the liver.

Eating grapes daily can give relief from pyorrhoea.