Hair Baldness and Early White – Simple Remedies

Hair Baldness white hair

Most of the men and women show more interest in the beauty of the hair, more than the body. This is because beauty starts at the hair. Hair fall, baldness and early whitening are the common problems of the hair. When this happens in the young age, they become very worried and tensed which makes the problem more complicated. Iron and protein deficiency are also one of the reasons.

Some Simple Cures:
☺ Take equal parts of Henna, Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba) and Black Holy Basil (Karunth Tulsi). Take the juice from the above herbs and mix it with coconut oil. Rub this oil in hair and take bath after an hour. This will prevent from baldness.
☺ Grind the leaves of “Mukia maderaspatana” (Mukia scabrella) (Also called Musumusukkai) and take juice. Soak Cumin seeds (Jeeragam) in this juice. Apply the soaked Cumin seeds in head at night and take bath next day morning. This will help cure baldness and hair will grow.
☺ Grind Garlic in honey and apply in head. This will cure baldness.
☺ Try to make a dish of Banana flower and eat daily. This will help for hair growth.
☺ Take the juice of Aloe Vera and mix it with coconut oil. Apply this in head which will stop hair fall.
☺ Dry the leaves of “Curry Tree” leafs (also known as Curry leaves). Now powder it and mix it with coconut oil. Boil this, let it cool and filter it. Apply this oil in head daily which will help for hair growth.
☺ Take the bark of Neem Tree and powder it. Mix this powder in coconut oil and apply in hair. This will stop early whitening of hair.