Kumari Kandam or Lemuria – The Continent which sank in the Sea

Kumari Kandam Lemuria

Once there was a land territory or continent in the Indian Ocean where people lived there. The land territory is known as Lemuria or Kumarikkottam or Kumari Kandam. The Land perished by drowning in the Ocean due to some geological change or catastrophe.
The south side of the earth, now being the Indian Ocean was once a vast landmass which is called as “Lemuria”. It is considered that human life originated in the Lemuriya. Lemu means “life” or “parts of the body”. Many geologists have done researches and have said that life has originated in “Lemuria”. The English Scholar William Scott Elliot confirms in his Book, “The Lost Lemuria”, that there was a land territory in the present Indian Ocean and people were living there. He even included a map of Lemuria in his book.
The multilingual poet K. Appathurai has published a book in Tamil named “ Kumari Kandam Allathu Kadal Konda Thennaadu ” regarding his rare research about Lemuria.
Ernst Haeckel claimed that Lemuria was the home of the first humans and not only that, the Lemuria was also the cradle of human civilization.
We can see that the opinions stated by the English Scholars matches with our Tamil Grammatical and Literary Books.
In some Tamil literature’s, we can read that in south of Kanyakumari, there were 49 Kingdoms named Ezhu Thengu Nadu, Ezhu Panai Nadu etc. and they perished due to Tsunami. Also the Mountain in that land was known as “Kumari Malai” and from which flowed the rivers called as “Kumari Aaru” and “Pahruli Aaru”. We can also come to know about cities like “Thenmadurai” and “Kabadapuram”.
Devaneya Pavanar, a prominent Tamil author who had written 35 books, claims that Tamil language originated in Lemuria or Kumari Kandam. Also Lemuria was the cradle of civilization and place of origin of languages.
Many Tamil writers in 1920s popularized the concept of Lemuria linking it with Kumari Kandam. But according to the modern science, Lemuria is a Pseudo-scientific concept. Some accepts Lemuria and others say it as just a mere fiction.
My request is that the actual truth should be brought forward doing researches by Geologists, Scientists and Scholars. Until that, we have to wait. But with the present research works, we can be proud that the human life originated in the land that was attached with our Kanyakumari District.

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