Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 from 18.07.2019 to 06.08.2019 | குழித்துறை வாவுபலி பொருட்காட்சி

Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 2023

Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 begins on 18th July 2019, which is one of the great festivals in Kanyakumari District.

Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 begins on 18th July 2019. Vavubali is one of the important Religious Festival that is celebrated by all the people of Kanyakumari District. The main Religious Ceremony called as Vavubali falls on 31st July. The vavubali is celebrated every year on the Aadi Amavasya Day. Aadi is one of the Tamil Month and Amavasya means New Moon Day. Vavubali is a festival of giving “bhali karmam” ( A Ritual) for ancestors which is held at the banks of the River Thamirabharani in Kuzhithurai. It concludes on 6th August, 2019.

History of Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition

In ancient days, the Vavubali was celebrated only on the Aadi Amavasya day. On that day, large crowd of people participated in this festival. On seeing this, the then Kuzhithurai Municipal chairman T.C Kesava Pillai, had an idea of conducting an exhibition on behalf of Kuzhithurai Municipality. From 1926, The Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition is being conducted by the Kuzhithurai Municipality. In the begining, the Vavubali exhibition was conducted only for three days. Later on, the duration was increased and this year, the Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition is being conducted for 20 days. Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 is the 94th Vavubali Exhibition.

Opening Ceremony of Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019

The opening ceremony is held on 18th July,2019.

Attractions for All

Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 will be loved by each and every one as there is many attraction like..

li2 There are a plenty of Plant Nurseries where plant lovers can buy plants, flowering plants, saplings of many trees.
li2 There are plenty of Fancy items shops for ladies and women.
li2 Ice creams, Sweets and tasty eatables for all. Freshly made “Thaen Kulal” Sweet.
li2 Small entertainment rides like car, tora tora, giant ship, giant wheel, Magic Show for children.
li2 Death Well Entertainment in which bike and car is ride on a well made of wood.
li2 Ring games, ball games for grown ups.
li2 Exhibition of Plants, Agriculture products and hand made wonders to watch for all.
li2 And Many more attractions to watch…


Everyday Morning 8.30 A.M to 10.30 P.M

Entry Fees Ticket

Adults : will be updated
Children : will be updated

Transportation Facility

Kuzhithurai is a town situated on the Nagercoil to Trivandrum High way and hence all buses going to Trivandrum will stop at Kuzhithurai.

Bus facility is available frequently from Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Thuckalay, Marthandam, Kaliakkavilai etc.