Licorice Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits, Natural Home Remedies [ Glycyrrhiza glabra ] Liquorice

Licorice Medicinal Uses

Licorice Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits, Natural Home Remedies for many health problems.

Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra
English : Licorice, Liquorice
Tamil : அதிமதுரம் (Athimathuram), அதிங்கம், மதுகம், அட்டி
Malayalam: ഇരട്ടിമധുരം (Irattimathuram)
Hindi: यष्टिमधु (Yashtimadhu)

Licorice is also known as Liquorice. Licorice has a sweet taste. Its Root is used as a medicine for many ailments, to cool the body, to cure cough, to cure asthma and to eliminate problems in the respiratory tract.
It is used as a sweetener for other pharmaceutical products.

Licorice Medicinal Uses

Sweet Voice:

Take some licorice root and boil it in one cup of water. After it becomes half a cup, let it cool. Then add some Palm Sugar and Pepper Powder. Drink it in the morning. This drink will make your voice very sweat.

Mouth Ulcer:

Soak some Licorice root in water and gargle.

Sore Throat:

Gargle with Licorice root decoction which will give relief from sore throat, throat infection and pain.


Have a spoon of licorice root powder mixed with a spoon of honey

Tooth Decay:

Licorice helps to kill the bacteria which causes tooth decay.

Note: Licorice should be used with caution and under medical supervision only. It should be avoided by Pregnant women, people with heart disease, kidney and liver disorders.


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