Lime Fruit Cures and its Medicinal Value (Citrus Limonum)

Lime Fruit Cures and its Medicinal Value (Citrus Limonum)

(Do not confuse with Lemon)
Tamil           : Ezhumichai
Malayalam : Cheru Naaragam

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100grm Lime Juice contains:
(The values are approximate only and not exact)
Energy :                30 Kcal
Water :                  85%
Carbohydrates :  11 grm
Protein :                1.0%
Fat :                       0.9%
Calcium :              0.07%
Phosphorous :     0.03%
Fibre :                   1.8%
Iron :                    23 units
Vitamin C :          35 %

lime fruit cures singleLime is a citrus fruit and is yellow in colour. Lime plant grows to a height of around 8 to 10 feet. Its leaves have a pleasant smell. Lime is also known as Acid Lime. Lime belongs to the family “RUTACEAE”. Lime contains substances like PHOSPHORIC ACID, MALIC ACID, POTASSIUM, SUGAR, MUCILAGE, ASHES, VOLATILE OIL, BITTER, CRYSTALLINE, GLUCOSIDE, ACETIC ACID, B-SITOSTEROL, LIMONENE, etc.
Limes are also good source of Vitamin C.
Lime juice is also very useful in arthritis, cold, sunstroke, hepatitis, gastric ulcer, menorrhagia and sunstroke.

Cures by Lime:

Scurvy is caused due to deficiency in Vitamin C. It is characterized by frequent infections with cough and cold, cracked lips, ulcers in tongue & mouth etc.

Lime stimulates the digestive system and increases the secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids and thus helps in digestion.

Lime Water for Stopping Vomiting:
Lime leaves – 20; Ginger – 1 piece;
Mix these ingredients in water and when drunk, it stops vomiting and also induces hunger.

To stop Sweat odour:
Take 50 grams Lime leaves and boil it in one litter water. Let it become warm. Now take a bath with this water. Do this often. This will kill the germs in skin and gives a pleasant smell in the body.

Chase Mosquito:
Take some lime leaves, dry ginger and some Sweet Flag (also known as Calamus). Burn this and show the smoke inside the house. This will chase the mosquitoes.

Lime leaves – 30; Pepper – 20;
Mix these ingredients in water and when drunk often, it cures asthma gradually.

Induce Hunger:
Mix lime juice 20 ml with 3 ml ginger juice and take it one hour before breakfast in the morning. This will induce hunger.

Just rub lime juice in face everyday, it will cure pimples, dark patches around eyes and wrinkles in face.

Cure from Bestow Drug:
Boil Lime and dry ginger in water. Drink this three times daily before food. This will reduce the force of bestow drugs and cure the person from the bestow drugs.

Facts about Lime:
$ Drinking Lime juice protects from Cholera.
$ Lime juice kills Diphtheria and Typhoid germs.
$ Lime juice protects from Influenza, Pneumonia, Teeth diseases etc.
$ Lime juice strengthens the gums of teeth.
$ The citric acid present in Lime purifies the blood and also strengthens the blood vessels.
$ The vitamin B present in Lime clears the blocks in urine. It also expels the poisons present in the body.

Upset Stomach:
Dry some lime peals after cutting them into small pieces. Add two cups of water in it and boil this for 30 minutes. Let it cool and drink this twice a day to relieve from upset stomach.

Rub the area of eczema with lime peal and then apply some lime juice in it. Do this for 2 to 3 times a day to get cured.

Chapped Lips:
Apply lime juice mixed with glycerin.

Uses of Lime Juice:
Drinking Lime juice daily for two to three times will……….
1. Be a remedy for rheumatic fever, painful joints and arthritis.
2. Give relief from prickly heat.
3. Give some relief from acute menorrhagia.
4. Give relief from heartburn.
5. Give relief from vomiting and travel sickness and can travel without trouble.
6. Gives general strength and instant energy to the body.