Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple festival 2017 | 26.02.2017 to 07.03.2017

Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple festival 2024

Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple festival 2017

The Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple festival 2017 (Kodai / Koda) will be started on 26.02.2017, with the hoisting of flag ceremony. This festival is celebrated for 10 day.

Masi Festival / Mandaikadu Kodai or Koda

This is the most important and largest festival observed in this world famous Bhagavathi Temple situated at Mandaikadu, 2 kms. from Colachel in Kanyakumari District. This Temple is called as the “Sabarimalai” of Women.

On 26th early morning at 4.30 AM, the Temple doors are opened. The flag is hoisted after the Ganapathi Homam at 5.00 A.M., Panchabishegam at 6.00 A.M and Deeparathanai at 6.30 A.M.
Evening at 6.00 P.M., there is 9000 lamps “Thiruvilakku Pujai” , “Raja Rajeshwari Pujai” followed by “Sayaratchai Pujai”. At 9.00 P.M, there is “Aththazha Pujai”.

On every day during this festival, goddess is taken around the streets of the Temple in Procession.

Valiya Padukkai (Maha Pujai)

On 3rd March 2017 (Friday), Valiya Padukkai (Maha Puja) will be held at midnight 12.00 to 1.00. It is the 6th day of the Festival which is very important and has more specialty.

Odukku Pujai

On 7th March 2017 (Tuesday), Odukku Pujai will be held at midnight 12.00 to 1.00. This is the final day of the festival.

Ettam Kodai

After the festival is over, the eighth day is called as Ettam Kodai. This year 2017, the Ettam Kodai is on 14.03.2017 ( 14th March, 2017 Tuesday).

Full Arrangements by Govt.

Vast people come from Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
The Tamil Nadu Government has made necessary arrangements like
* Special busses from Nagercoil, Thuckalay, Marthandam, Kanyakumari, Kulasekharam, Kaliyakkavilai etc.
* Special bus stand in Mandaikadu.
* Medical Emergency aid & Drinking water facility, etc.

Also the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation operates special bus service from Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) for Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple festival 2017.