Mango and its Medicinal Properties

mango and its medicinal uses

Mango is a fruit and there are many varieties. Mangoes are green, yellow and red in colour. Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C than ripe mangoes. Mangoes are eaten both as raw and ripe.
Raw mangoes are rich in pectin, oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid and succinic acid.

100 grams Mango contains

(The values are approximate only and not exact)

Moisture 81.0%
Protein 0.6%
Fat 0.4%
Minerals 0.4%
Fibre 0.7%
Carbohydrates 16.9%
Calcium 14mg
Phosphorous 16mg
Iron 1.3mg
Vitamin C 16.0mg
Vitamin B Complex Trace

Medicinal Benefits

* Ripe mangoes nourish the body.
* Ripe mangoes increase the gastric juice, blood, fat, semen, flesh and bone marrow.
* Mango is good for liver disorder and loss of weight.
* Ripe mangoes are very good for treatment of night blindness as it contains rich source of vitamin A.
* Mangoes are good for the formation of new blood cells.

Some Natural Cures

Diabetes (Early Stage)

Take some tender fresh leaves of mango tree. Soak them in water overnight. Next day morning, squeeze the leaves in water and filter it. Drink this water every morning to control early stage of diabetes.

Increase Body Weight

Eat ripe mangoes twice a day and drink one glass of milk regularly for forty days.


Drink one cup of Mango juice mixed with equal quantity of milk. Have this for a week.


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