Medicinal Properties of Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Tamil : Madhuzhai
Hindi : Anar / Anaar
Sanskrit : Darima / Dadima


The pomegranate is a small tree bearing the fruit known by the same name. Pomegranate is said to be a native of Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan. Pomegranate name is derived from two Latin words “Pomum” meaning Apple and “Granatus” meaning seeds. The fruit is harvested from September to February in Northern hemisphere and from March to May in another half part of the world, i.e. Southern hemisphere.

The pomegranate fruit is a very good tonic for the heart and is also a good laxative. Pomegranate is good to cure anaemia as it increases the hemoglobin. Entire parts of the tree, fruit, leaves, bark, roots, flowers, seeds are considered as medicine for various ailments.

100 grams Pomegranate contains:
(The values are approximate only and not exact)
Energy :                   83 Kcal
Carbohydrates :     18.7gm
Sugar :                     13.67gm
Protein :                  1.67gm
Fat :                         1.17gm
Fibre :                     4gm
Calcium :               10mg
Phosphorous :      70mg
Iron :                      0.3mg
Vitamin C :           16mg
Thiamine :            0.067mg
Riboflavin :          0.053mg
Niacin :                 0.293mg
Folate :                 38µg
Vitamin E :          0.6mg
Magnesium :       12mg
Potassium :          236mg
Sodium :              3mg
Zinc :                    0.35mg
Choline :              7.6mg

Medicinal Uses:

* Pomegranate juice tones up the intestines.
* Pomegranate juice is useful to stop blood with stools.

Bilious Vomiting:
Take a tablespoonful of honey and mix with equal quantity of pomegranate juice and have it. This is also good for flatulence, nausea and chest burning.

Tooth Powder:
Take some dry rind of pomegranate and powder it. Mix some pepper powder and common salt. Use this mixture to brush your teeth. This is very good to prevent pyorrhea, bleeding and also strengthens the gums and the teeth.

Anal Itching:
Take some skin of the fruit and roast it till it becomes black and brittle. Powder the roasted skit. Now mix a little vegetable oil in this powder and make it a paste. Apply this paste over the anus to get cured.