Sleep, Insomnia & More on Sleeping…

Sleep can be even told as a very good medicine for human being. Insomnia tortures millions of men and women around the world. Insomnia causes diseases which may even lead to death of the person.

Sleep gives us back the energy we have spent on that day full of working.

The correct way of sleeping for men is to lie down sideways with their left hand down (touching the bed). Women should lie down sideways with their right hand down. This will make the digestion to happen easier. It gives long life. It is better to have light food at night. Also it is good to sleep after three hours taking dinner. That means we have to take dinner within 6pm to 7pm.

While we lie down to sleep, our head should be in East, West or south. Please avoid north, which brinks diseases and death.

Sleeping Hours (Approximate)

Infants 18 hours
Children (1 – 5 years) 10 hours
Children (Above 5 years) 7 hours
Women 7 hours
Old aged persons 6 hours
Persons doing White color jobs 5 hours
Hard Workers 8 hours

Sleep before 10 pm. Also get up early morning before 6am. As the old proverb says “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Also our mind will be in peace.

People sleeping more than eight hours may be affected with worries and feelings. Sleeping at day time increases cholesterol and makes obesity. Insomnia causes body weakness and diseases in the nerves.

Side effects of Sleeping Pills

Taking Pills and medicines to create sleep results in a form of chronic poisoning, a mild, continuous jag. Its symptoms are hallucinations, poor memory, speech difficulty and eventually cause damage to the blood circulation. Sleep bought with tablets brings morning stupor which makes awakening difficult.

How to Sleep

Sleep should come automatically. For this we should keep our body healthy.

$ Avoid constipation

$ Walk for half an hour in fresh air.

$ Bath in Luke warm water daily.

$ Read good books.

$ Do meditation for an hour.

$ When going to sleep, you should only have sleep in mind and not any other day to day problems in life.

$ Do not go to sleep immediately after taking food.

Causes of Sleeplessness

There may be many reasons for sleeplessness. Wrong and inadequate diet also causes sleeplessness. To produce drowsiness and inactivity of the conscious mind, the bloodstream must contain enough calcium and lactic acid. Lack of calcium and lactic acid in the blood stream causes insomnia. Hence it is recommended to take a cup of buttermilk daily.

Cheese, buttermilk, meat, egg yolks contains the largest amount of calcium. Vegetables rich in calcium are cabbage (raw), cauliflower, lemons, orange, celery, carrots, asparagus, kale, okra, watercress, almonds, figs, endive, walnuts, radish, millets, dandelion greens, tomatoes, coconut, brown rice, berries, broccoli and lettuce.

Sleeping during the day time also causes sleeplessness. So avoid sleeping at day time.

Some people think of day to day problems, jobs, family problems, land problems, love failure etc which makes the min tensed and not relaxed. So insomnia occurs. Do not think of the troubles of the day nor the worries of tomorrow.

Taking too much of ordinary table salt can cause a high degree of nervous tension, which in turn, results in insomnia. So it is better to avoid too much of ordinary table salt.

In an experiment conducted by Dr. Michael M. Miller of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., patients were treated by just reducing the salt in diet. Within a week of treatment, the patients were able to fall asleep within fifteen minutes after getting into bed.

So let’s welcome sleep with correct diet, calm mind, correct method and insomnia will vanish from you.

Happy Sleeping……………