St. Anthony’s Shrine Puliyampatti | Saint Antony’s Church Puliampatti, Tuticorin

St. Anthony’s Shrine Puliyampatti

St. Anthony’s Shrine Puliyampatti, Tuticorin is a Roman Catholic Church under the Diocese of Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli). The Church is called in many names like St. Antony of Puliyampatti, Shrine of St. Anthony at Puliyampatty, Saint Antony’s Church Puliyampatti etc. The town is also known as Puliyampatti, Puliyampatty or Puliampatti.

History of St. Anthony’s Shrine Puliyampatti

The history of St. Anthony’s Shrine Puliyampatti dates back to 17th century. A man named Thommai, who was a devout catholic came to Puliyampatti from Sathankulam. He saw an apparition of St. Anthony of Padua saying “Build a church and worship God” and disappeared. By the divine guidance of St. Anthony of Padua in many visions he build a small church. The Zamin (Land Lord) of Manniachi donated land to build the Church as he also had the vision of St. Anthony of Padua.

Puliampatti became a new Parish with Rev. Fr. A. Mariadoss as its first parish priest on 15th February, 1954. By his effort, the Church was elevated and rededicated to St. Anthony of Padua on the 13th June, 1961.

Miracles of St. Anthony’s Shrine Puliyampatti

No one have returned with his/her prayers unanswered ! Many people turn to St. Anthony of Puliampatti for their unhealed miseries and return home with all their intentions fulfilled. All people irrespective of caste, creed and religion come to this Church and are happily freed from their mental sickness and diseases.

Mass Timings

Wednesday4:30 & 5:45


Parish Priest,
St.Anthony’s Shrine,
Puliyampatti – 628303,
Thoothukudi District,
Tamil Nadu. South India.
Phone : (91) 0461 – 2273223