St. Antony’s Church Feast Festival 2016 – January 8th – 17th

St. Antony’s Church Feast Festival 2016

The St. Antony’s Church was built in 1911. But it has a history and miracles of over 250 years. Rev. Fr. Richard was the first Parish Priest. The more history of St. Antony’s Church could be read here.

St. Antony’s Church Feast is celebrated for 10 days, every year. This year, the feast will commence on 8th January,2016 with hosting of the Holy flag.

There will be grand Entertainment programmes which are organized by the groups of the parish.

The First Holy Communion and Baptism will be given to the children during the feast.

On ninth and tenth day, there will be Car Procession. The Church is beautifully illuminated in and around the church which will be a beautiful sight.

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St. Antony's Church Feast Festival
Image Source: Thina Thanthi Dated 08.01.2016