Teeth Diseases & Natural Cures

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teeth diseases

Teeth are the hardest organ in the body. The main function of the teeth is to masticate food and also to speak words correctly.
Teeth also have life in it as the other organs in the body. It grows to a limit and then stops. The inside of a tooth has blood vessels and nerves. The lower part of the tooth has roots. The blood supply food for the tooth.
For the health of a tooth, Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin D are required.


The enamel is the outer part of a tooth. If the enamel breaks, it does not grow again. It cannot be renewed. So care should be taken. Next to the enamel is the hard, bone like part known as the dentine. Inside the dentine is the soft part which has the blood vessels and nerves.

Strong Teeth’s are good for Health:

Below are some of the tips for keeping the teeth healthy and strong.
1. Brush your teeth morning and at night before going to sleep.
2. Chew the food very well so that food will digest easily and constipation will not occur.
3. If any defect is found in tooth, Dentist should be consulted immediately.
4. Drink eight cups of water daily.
5. Eat Apple, Cucumber, Carrot and Lady’s finger raw.
6. Use mouth wash every time after eating foods.
7. Avoid taking so much of sweets. Gargle every time after taking sweets. The sweets eaten stays in the gaps and changes to acids and forms bacteria. This will create holes in the enamel and spoils the teeth.

Some Reasons for Teeth Diseases:

1. Not cleaning the mouth.
2. Deficiency of Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin D.
3. Stress.
4. Working without rest.
5. Taking Alcohol in high quantity.
6. Smoking.
7. Using Tobacco.
8. Eating masala items.
9. Eating excess amount of chilies and sour.
10. Eating too much of sweets.
11. Eating too much of Chocolates and ice creams.
12. Brushing teeth with sand, charcoal or ash.
13. Eating foods in very hot or very cold.
14. Breathing through the mouth.
15. Taking medicines containing mercury.

Some Natural Medicines:

1. Puthina Tooth Powder: Clean the leaves of Mint plant (Puthina). Dry this in sun rays. Grind this. Add one fourth amount of ordinary salt. Use this powder to brush your teeth. This will cure most of the teeth diseases.
2. Neem Tooth Powder: Take some Neem leaves. Add some common salt in it. Put this in a vessel and heat it to make the contents dry. Now powder this. Use this powder to brush your teeth to cure most of the teeth diseases. Everyone can use this.
3. Curing Tooth Ache – 1: Take the seeds of “Solanum xanthocarpum” (Also called as Turkey Berry / Kantakari / Kantankathiri) and dry it. After it is dried, powder it and mix it with Gingelly oil (Sesame oil). Now rub this in the leg from knee to ankle to cure tooth ache.
4. Curing Tooth Ache – 2: Take the root of “Phyllanthus niruri” (Common names – Stonebreaker, seed-under-leaf, in Tamil it is known as Keela Nelli) and clean it with water. Chew this a little and keep this for sometime near the aching tooth to cure it.
5. Curing Tooth Ache – 3: Take some honey and heat it. Rub this near the aching tooth.
6. For Curing Tooth Decay – 1: Mix honey in ginger juice and keep it in the tooth decay place.
7. For Curing Tooth Decay – 2: Crush the roots and leaf of “Prickly chaff plant”. Keep this in the tooth decay place for some time. This will kill the bacteria in the decayed tooth and also tooth ache will get cured.