Udhayagiri Fort | Excellent Eco – Tourism Spot with Fort

Location: Puliyoorkurichy. Nagercoil to Trivandrum Main Road, near Thuckalay. 20 kms from Nagercoil.

udhayagiri fort

Udhayagiri Fort was renovated during the reign of King Marthanda Varma (1729 – 1758 AD). This fort also had a foundry for casting guns. De Lennoy was one of the 24 European prisoners taken by King Marthanda Varma in 1741 when he was defeated the Dutch at Colachel. He joined King Marthanda Varma and became a trusted General. He trained the Travancore Soldiers in the European method of fighting. His tomb is situated in this Fort.

There is a wildlife park inside this fort. There are around 13 types of wild animals, 50 types of birds and 60 types of forest trees in this park. There is also a park for children.