Water Remedies | Healing Power of Water

Water Remedies

Water Remedies, Cures Most Diseases.

No Tablets, No Capsules, No medicines, No injection, No Operation………

Just six cups of drinking water (1.26 litres) cures the following diseases. Are you amazed???? First let us see the list of diseases cured and then we will know the details.

Diseases that are cured by Water:

1. Head Ache 13. Consumption
2. Blood Pressure 14. Brain Fever
3. Anaemia 15. Liver diseases
4. Obesity 16. Kidney diseases
5. Knee Pain 17. Gas Trouble
6. Heart Beat disorder 18. Constipation
7. Dizziness 19. Diabetes
8. Asthma 20. Eye diseases
9. Cough 21. Menses disorder
10. Rheumatism 22. Uterus Cancer
11. Noise in Ear 23. Breast Cancer
12. Phlegm 24. Throat diseases

This water remedies are tested and the result is published in Japan by the “Sickness Association”.

How this Happen:

When we drink water in the correct procedure, it cleans the body and makes it strong. Through Haemasopaises Process, it produces new blood from the intestines and also makes the intestines strong. By this process the mucousal folds are stimulated. The blood mucousal folds in the intestines suck the juice from the foods eaten and thus new blood is produced.

When the intestines are kept clean, this process happens often and new blood is produced.

This new blood cures the diseases and gives us new energy and health.

How to drink Water:

  1. When you get up early in the morning from bed, drink 1.26 litres of water at a time, even before brushing the teeth.
  2. After drinking the water, for one hour, you should not drink coffee, tea or any other beverages. Also you should not eat biscuit, fruits or any other eatables. This is very very important.
  3. When going to sleep at night, you should not drink or eat foods like tea, coffee etc which stimulates the nerves. Also brush your teeth before going to bed.
  4. Also if needed, you can boil the water overnight itself, cool it and preserve it.

Time taken to cure diseases through water remedies:

Constipation 1 day
Diabetes 7 days
Blood pressure 4 weeks
Cancer 4 weeks
Consumption 3 months


Is it able to drink 1.26 litres of water at a time:

For the first few days it would be a little hard. At beginning, drink water as much as possible and take a little rest and then drink again until you finish 1.26 litres of water. If needed, you can walk for a few distances. Later on, this will make a practice.

Important Notes:

* After having food, drink water only after 2 hours.

* The quantity that should be taken is 1.26 litres only for both adults and children.

* Do not take this treatment for children below 12 years of age.

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